About Us

Established in 1990, PT. Indoasia Thrivetama has been continuously developing various high quality products for heating elements and thermocouples for more than three decades.

Our specialties involve designing, fabricating, distributing as well as manufacturing a durable and reliable electric industrial heaters, temperature sensors, temperature controls and process systems.

Our experience is refected from the production and distribution of many different types of heaters, sensors, controls under our own ILF Heater brand name as well as other well recognized brands of electrical equipments that had been used in many different industries including plastic, packaging, medical equipment, chemical, scientifc instruments as well as automotive.

We also carry a number of well defned electrical equipment products from selected manufacturers including SSR, Controller, chemical pump, rectifer, heating cables for industrial usage such as CelducRelais, Hendor Chemical Pump, Elstein, PE Rectifers, Shimaden Temperature Controller, Magnetto, Tempco, Process Technology, Gefran, Rotronic, GH, Optex, Vulcan, Hayashi Denko, Ninomiya and Dalton.


To become a leading manufacturer for heating elements and thermocouples with thousands of satisfed customers taking advantage of our high quality products with an affordable price. As well as to develop a one stop service for all of our clients’ electrical supply needs.


Our core values are the strict guiding principles and work ethics that dictate the behavior and action of the members of PT. Indoasia Thrivetama. It leads us to stay on the right path and fulflling our business goals.


We pursue perfection in everything we do. We focus on smaller groups of people being responsible for every step along the manufacturing process, from a streamline order entry, effcient production line, and thorough quality control up to a prompt shipment procedure. We utilize the best materials and implement an accurate technological process gained from our production center to produce a consistent precision and uniform quality product that meet industrial standards.


We are keen to maintain a sustainable long-term relationship with all of our key stakeholders including employees, clients and suppliers. We develop an effcient system of client service, design and long-term solutions, while ensuring that everything we engage have a lesser impact on the environment.


We are aware of the value of service that our customer desires. Since we understand the additional cost our clients might incur due to downtime problem, we are delighted and proud to announce a prompt delivery on all of our products.


PT.Indoasia Thrivetama has the fexibility to manufacture a wide array of products.
Our product range includes: