Conheat Panel Heaters

Anti-condensation heaters or panel heaters are suitable for an enclosed area installation. It was designed to protect equipment from water damage due to condensation. They are particularly useful in lower temperature areas, or where the humidity is high.

A relative air humidity of 65% and upwards, is often considered problematic, if unaddressed, it can cause corrosion and failures of components such as relays, switch gear, PCBs and electromechanical assemblies. Installing it in the bottom part of the cabinet will improve effciency.


• No thermostat is required.

• Self regulated heating.

• No moving parts to wear out.

• Compact size and high watt density.

• Uniform heat output.

• Corrosion resistance aluminium.

• Easy mounting – All heater are simple to install on 35mm DIN rail.


• Industrial Enclosure

• Control and Monitoring Systems

• Switch Cabinet

• Panel Board

• Free-standing electronic equipment & meters

• Others