Duct Heaters

PT Indoasia Thrivetama manufactures a customized design duct air heaters that are suitable for various needs of many different heavy duty industrial applications. Duct heaters are composed of open coil, tubular or finned tubular heating elements that are either flanged or inserted in the duct. Air duct heaters are primarily used in air fowing ventilation systems and comfort heating applications while process duct heaters are mainly used for industrial process heating applications (ovens that require re-circulated air or forced circulation). We create a high tensile strength cages to sustain heater elements in larger, higher temperature units to improve performance.


• Heat treating • Forced air comfort heating • Booster air heater • Air drying operations • Core drying • Air pre-heating • Air handling equipment • Fan coils • Terminal reheating • Multizone reheating • Heat pump auxiliary systems • Return air heating • Resistor load banks • Annealing