Finned Air Heaters


For air heating installations requiring electric heat such as forced air duct heating, recirculating drying ovens, packaged air conditioning equipment, convector heaters, load testing equipment, as well as any other air heating application where the sheath temperature does not exceed 400 C.


Our elements are manufactured in the following materials as standard: Stainless steel element with stainless steel fn. Other sheaths and fn materials may be used, provided these are available and suitable for manufacturing finned heating elements.

To ensure long life it is important to select the correct materials and kW rating required for each application. Please consult our engineering offce when considering the design of any new requirement.


Our finned heating elements can be bent in any shape provided the fnal formation is mechanically practical. There are, however, limiting tolerances as well as maximum and minimum bending radii which must be respected. Since overbending can cause elements to break or crack, we recommend that all elements are bent in our workshops. Tooling already exists for bending the more common customes requirements, but in certain cases, particularly or multibent elements, it is for elements to have close tolerances after being bent, our sales department will advise on special tooling costs.


Our finned heating elements may be ftted with any terminals or mounting arrangements. Customers fitting elements in their own equipment should ensure that they are well spaced across duct face and if mounted in rows are staggered. Care should also be taken to ensure adequate clearance exists between the element and the air duct wall. The layout of the elements can materially effect resistance to airfow and pressure drop through the system. Our engineering department are available to advise customers.