Process Air/Water Heaters

Process Air Heaters are your solution for heating forced air/water in industrial systems effciently and economically. Our reputation has been built on custom designed heaters where we control the complete design and manufacturing process. This includes the manufacture of heating elements; complex metal framing; control enclosures and electronic controls. Whatever your application, PT Indoasia Thrivetama can design and provide a high quality process air heater to meet your requirements.


Ideal for clean dry air applications ILF’s Open Coil Process Air Heaters offer precise heat at an economical price.


Finned Tubular Process Air Heater provides superior heat transfer in clean air applications compared to Tubular Process Air Heaters. The Finned Elements offer a greater surface area allowing for a greater dissipation of heat.


PT. Indoasia Thrivetama has the ability to customize heaters for unusual or special applications. Here are a few examples of our construction and design capabilities.


Low temperature heaters, suitable for 400° F maximum outlet air, are available in both open coil and finned tubular constructions.


With a robust construction the tubular process air/water heater can be used in most applications where moisture and particulates are present in the air/water stream.